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Behind Closed Doors    by Tara Taylor Quinn order for
Behind Closed Doors
by Tara Taylor Quinn
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Laura Clark is happy with her life. She is a botanist, and working with flowers and plants is what she loves. Her husband, Harry Kendall, is a history professor at the local university in Tucson Arizona. Laura's parents went along with her marriage plans even though they did not approve. Harry is an African American. They always treat him with respect, but he never feels totally welcome in their presence. Now, Laura and Harry are trying to start a family but have been using a sperm bank in their attempts to conceive a child.

One night while sleeping in bed, their world changes. Their home is broken into and Harry is badly beaten by two men. Laura is tied up and raped by both men while her husband is forced to watch. Before leaving, one man whispers a warning to Harry that makes his blood run cold. The police are brought in and come to the conclusion that it is a random act of violence. Harry is discouraged by their attitude, believing the attack was racially motivated because of the warning he was given. He decides to do some investigating on his own, while Laura just wants to put everything behind them and move on.

Harry becomes obsessed with the case and soon it is ruling their life. After a series of strange happenings, Harry is convinced the attack is connected to the Ivory Nation, a supremacist group in the area. After researching their methods of operation he is certain that he will be targeted again. Laura moves back with her parents for safety, but feels that her marriage and life is falling apart. When she discovers she is pregnant, she worries about the identity of the father. This will certainly put Harry over the edge. After hearing the news, Harry seeks justice by confronting the leader of the Ivory Nation, which has strong political ties.

Behind Closed Doors is a powerful, riveting read, that's impossible to put down. Tara Taylor Quinn writes a believable story.

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