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St. Lunatic High School: Volume 1    by Majiko order for
St. Lunatic High School
by Majiko
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

St. Lunatic High School may be labeled a horror manga, but it is really a comedy. Sure, Majiko!'s characters are demons, but they are not the least bit scary, but rather every bit hilarious.

Niko Kanzaki is in the care of her older brother Atchan, who cannot hold down a job. When he is offered a teaching position at the prestigious St. Lunatic High School - that comes complete with housing - it seems like a dream come true for both of them. Unfortunately, the house is falling apart and shares a bathroom with the school. At least Niko gets to attend an esteemed high school, right? Well, she does, but not in the way she expected. She is forced to attend the secret night class which is made up of demons! How can Niko possibly fit in at a school where she is considered abnormal by being the only normal one? This is where the comedy comes in as Niko tries to survive high school.

When I started Volume 1, I thought it was going to just be a copycat of Vampire Knight, but after a few pages, it proved to be so much more. Whereas Vampire Knight is very dark and serious, St. Lunatic High School is crazy fun. Majiko! puts the humor right out front without it ever seeming forced. Her bold lines, more reminiscent of some American comics than Japanese, add to the fun mood by helping the reader focus on the comedy without getting lost in detailed backgrounds. The characters are just a hoot, too. Niko is forever getting herself into outrageous situations and Atchan is loveable as the type of older brother who needs a lot of looking after from his little sister. The most normal character is actually Ren, the human-looking, brooding demon that Niko, as well as the school nurse, likes.

If the first volume of St. Lunatic High School is any indication, readers are in for a lot of laughs when they join Niko in her adventures. As this is not a typical school, it will be interesting to see if in future volumes Majiko! uses typical school manga conventions like sports day and trips to the beach. Those should be fun with the group of students attending St. Lunatic High School!

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