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I Dare You: Embrace Life With Passion    by Joyce Meyer order for
I Dare You
by Joyce Meyer
Order:  USA  Can
Faithwords, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, CD

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* * *   Reviewed by Lisa Respers France

Finding your purpose is a popular theme in many of today's Christian books, both fiction and non-fiction. Even the secular world, from Oprah to others, seems to have caught hold of the motivation to discover just why we all were placed on this earth in the first place. In I Dare You, New York Times bestselling author and popular television and radio bible teacher Joyce Meyer offers her input with a book meant to inspire and fuel the reader's passion for living their best possible life and discovering that purpose.

With her typical no nonsense approach, Meyer challenges individuals to start focusing on God's individual plan for their lives, to avoid passivity, fear and negativity and dream big. She also offers eight ways that she believes extinguish passion and keep people distracted from their true purpose - worry, guilt, trying to change what only God can, complaining, anger, fear, blame and comparisons - as well as advice on how to defeat these burdens.

Meyers suggests nurturing habits such as prayer and bible study, reading something that is not work related for at least thirty minutes a day, and avoiding blaming others for your problems. Tiny bits of wisdom are offered here and there including thoughts such as 'Before we ever get around to doing, we need to be good at being,' 'Most people fail their way to success,' and 'Anger is one letter short of danger.'

Meyer is by far not the first to venture into this territory and while there are no earth shattering revelations here, there can be some life changing ones. With guidance based on biblical scripture and a sprinkling of her own personal testimony, she has crafted a worthy addition to her cache of books meant to improve the reader's everyday life. Meyer is known worldwide for her ministry of teaching and I Dare You continues that mission with straightforward language that is not meant to entertain, but rather to enlighten. And it does.

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