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Wild Wild West
by Charlene Teglia
Order:  USA  Can
Griffin, 2007 (2007)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Be advised that Wild Wild West contains frank and sexually explicit dialogue and equally explicit love scenes - if this isn't your preference in a romantic anthology then please continue to the next review.

Three Seattle women settle in Missoula Montana with the intention of bringing the natives a taste of the big city in the form of a coffee house named Lemon Espresso. Gabe, Chet and Reuban are three local cowboys who've known each other since childhood and remain very close. They work hard and play hard too, and have no immediate plans to settle down - until their interest is piqued by the sexy city girls who run Lemon Espresso.

Part time rancher Gabe finds himself immediately infatuated with not only Willow's physical beauty but also her enchanting way with words after she delivers a particularly gripping poetry reading. And Willow finds the lanky cowboy provocative and sexy; they give in to their mutual lust but soon realize that one night together will never be enough. Weeks away from achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a big city lawyer, Jolie wonders what might happen if she set that dream aside for a few more weeks and let herself go a little wild and crazy with handsome rodeo rider Chet. And Laura finally succumbs to the cool and quiet attentions of former Army ranger Reuban whose taste for edgy sexual games reveals a completely new side of the man that she never could have imagined.

Though the book is nicely written, with characters that readers will care about and whose personal and provocative situations initially intrigue, Teglia ends up relying too heavily on erotic clichés in both exposition and dialogue when describing the three bedroom encounters. Gabe and Willow's story starts out as an entertaining and scorching romp, but by the time Reuben and Laura's erotic fantasies are fulfilled, the bedroom scenes are decidedly redundant. Even so, Wild Wild West is an entertaining interconnected anthology that will steam up your reading glasses and maybe even entice you to try out those red satin sheets your hubbie gave you for your last anniversary.

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