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The Dead Whisper On    by T. L. Hines order for
Dead Whisper On
by T. L. Hines
Order:  USA  Can
Bethany, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lindsey Freitas

Candace 'Canada' MacHugh's father has been dead for eleven years. So how is it that she is hearing his voice from the shadows? It is true that before his death he promised to contact her from beyond the grave if at all possible. It's hard for her to wrap her mind around, but how can she deny the fact that it is, unmistakably, his voice?

It doesn't take much to persuade Canada to leave her dead-end job in Butte, Montana as a garbage collector to join her father and the other shadows, or ghosts, as an operative in an underground network of the undead. Things quickly get out of hand a terrifying undead monster is stalking Canada, a deadly disease is spreading throughout Butte, and something is nagging at Canada's mind. Are things really as they seem?

The Dead Whisper On is a fast-paced thriller that chilled my soul and kept me awake at night. The descriptions of the monster that relentlessly pursued Canada gripped me so that I was unable to put the book down. You won't want to miss this one!

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