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War Angels Volume 1    by Jae-Hwan Kim order for
War Angels Volume 1
by Jae-Hwan Kim
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

War Angels Volume 1 is all about Jae-Hwan Kim's artwork. Yes, there is a storyline and three main characters, but the storyline sometimes runs a little flat, and we do not learn much about the characters. The artwork, however, is breathtaking. The year is 2504. After an apocalyptic war called The Judgment of Fire, humans live in fear of Beasterians, a race they created to fight wars.

However, there is hope for humanity. Angels have been sent to fight the Beasterians and find the Holy Mother who might possibly give birth to a savior. Three of these angels are: Tae, a magic-channeling, musclebound, serious warrior; Ross, a sword-wielding playboy; and Nikki, a curvaceous gun-toting babe. Together, they must save a town from the various groups of Beasterians that live on the outskirts, killing men and taking women as breeders.

While the dialogue is sparse, Kim fills every inch of his panels with beautiful renderings. His pictures, which really are worth a thousand words, move the story along. His vistas are breathtaking, his action scenes heartpounding, and what we do learn about the characters is through Kim's visual portrayal of them. Also, the fact that Kim's character drawing style is closer to the American comic style than to the Korean manhwa style makes War Angels an excellent device to get long-time American fans hooked on Asian graphic novels.

I cannot do Jae-Hwan Kim's graphic art justice, but if the art is your number one priority for a good graphic novel, I suggest you pick up War Angels.

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