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Wedding Bell Blues: The Piper Cove Chronicles    by Linda Windsor order for
Wedding Bell Blues
by Linda Windsor
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Alexandra 'Alex' Butler is an interior designer with a satisfying life. She's just about ready to pay off her business loan to her banker father, she has a fantastic group of friends known as 'the bosom buddies' and she lives in her quiet Maryland hometown of Piper Cove. After her marriage at a tender age ended with her husband leaving her to pursue a music career, she has been content without the added hassles of romance in her life.

Then something happens that threatens to turn Alex's perfectly ordered world upside down. Her younger sister is getting married, and who should the groom-to-be ask to be his best man but Josh Turner, Alex's ex-husband. He claims to have changed his ways, settled down, and accepted Christ, but how far can Alex really trust the guy?

Wedding Bell Blues is the delightful first novel in Linda Windsor's new Piper Cove Chronicles. It takes a little while to keep the different characters straight, but once you do, you will be hooked. Alex has qualities many will identify with. Once burned on love, she's reluctant to open up and try again. It is uplifting to see the results when she finally decides to let go and let God direct her steps, rather than ordering them herself as she has always done.

One surprise for me was an exciting turn of events about three quarters through the novel. It added a spark of intrigue just when the story was looking as if it was winding down. There is spiritual content here, but it is not obtrusive or preachy. The bosom buddies are unique characters, yet are not caricatured. I look forward to further books in the series and getting to know the others more intimately. Wedding Bell Blues is a great beginning.

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