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Changeling    by Yasmine Galenorn order for
by Yasmine Galenorn
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Yasmine Galenorn continues her stand-out paranormal romance series with Delilah D'Artigo's story in Changeling. Having safely delivered the first spirit seal to the Elf Queen, the D'Artigo sisters are gearing up for Winter Solstice. Unfortunately, all the shiny decorations bring out the cat in middle sister Delilah literally.

Soon, though, she has other things to worry about when the leader of a local werepuma pride comes into her private detective agency to enlist the sisters' help in determining the cause of mysterious deaths in his pride. When the sisters trace the deaths to a clan of unnatural werespiders, they themselves are targeted. Digging a little deeper, it appears that Shadow Wing and his minions are using the werespiders to target the werepuma pride and find the second spirit seal. On top of all of this, Delilah is dealing with two hot guys, a mark from the Autumn Lord, and the possibility that she might have another were inside her, something much larger than a house cat.

Once again, Galenorn expertly blends romance, fantasy, and mystery into one edge-of-your-seat novel. Delilah may be different and a little more misunderstood than Camille, the narrator of Witchling, but she is just as much fun. The fact that she is a werecat gives her a little bit of playfulness, making it a blast to read the sections when she transforms. Somehow, Galenorn can capture even a house cat's perspective then effortlessly switch back to a human's. This is just one of the amazing aspects of her writing.

Changeling ends less brightly than Witchling did and also initiates the next story arc where Darkling will pick up. I cannot wait to see what Yasmine Galenorn does with Menolly as a narrator for her next novel. Each of the three sisters is unique, but Galenorn handles their differences masterfully.

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