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Let's Misbehave
by Lisa Plumley
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Marisol Winston has shopping and partying down to a fine art, but even she realizes that her hedonistic lifestyle is taking a toll. Her most recent hangover is proof positive that it's time to slow down. Her stepmother isn't sympathetic to Marisol's pounding head and suggests the best cure is a visit to Arizona's brand new shopping plaza that's supposedly teeming with all manner of high-end shops.

After hours on the road, Marisol begins to doubt her stepmother's ability to read a road map. Her suspicions shift into high gear as they pass through what she believes to be the gates of a secluded estate. When she spies her father waiting for them, she realizes she's been duped. The elder Winston wastes little time in sternly informing his daughter that he's checked her into a rehab program where she'll either learn to curb her spendthrift ways or lose her inheritance.

Once Marisol resigns herself to her situation, she realizes that the only way to save her inheritance is to comply with her father's demands. But breaking free of her destructive spending habits isn't easy. She just can't seem to get with the program. Even the facility's dour director questions her commitment, but ends up allowing her one last chance to redeem herself by suggesting Marisol take part in an off site work program. When a position comes up for a nanny she takes it - how hard could it be taking care of three little kids?

That's just what former football star Cash Connelly asks himself as he scrambles to get his life and his career back in order after a messy divorce. He'd hoped to spend an uninterrupted summer with his rambunctious triplets, but when he's called back into training, he's suddenly in dire need of a nanny. Since his little angels have already scared off every suitable candidate, he's leery about the latest recruit's chances. But his concerns dissolve once he sees Marisol in action: within a few hours, she's got his little hellions wrapped around her professionally manicured finger. Unfortunately for Cash, the stunning blonde bombshell, who has a singularly odd way of looking at the world, also manages to enchant him. Will Cash be able to stick to his well-organized game plan? Not if Marisol or his kids have anything to say about it.

Lisa Plumley always delivers smart, sassy and fun filled stories, but her latest lighthearted romantic comedy is one of her best. The sexual chemistry between Cash and Marisol sizzles, the characterizations and dialogue shine, and Plumley does a great job of balancing humor and the more serious personal and professional issues facing both leads. Three adorably precocious kids and a geriatric dog named Dump only add to the story's appeal. Let's Misbehave is yet another clever and captivating confection created by an author who knows how to spin a charming tale.

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