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Woman in Red    by Eileen Goudge order for
Woman in Red
by Eileen Goudge
Order:  USA  Can
Vanguard, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, Audio, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Alice Kessler has just been released from prison. She has served a nine year term for attempting to murder the man who killed her young son. David was bicycling home when he was struck by a car driven by Owen White. Alice witnessed the tragedy and recognized the prominent citizen of their small town. She saw him swerving into the bike lane and knew he had been drinking. But it was Alice's word against White's and the law favoured White. Devastated, Alice could not get over the loss of her son. Life would never be the same. When the opportunity arose, Alice tried to run White down with her car. She went to jail and White spent his days in a wheelchair.

Now Alice is home on the small Pacific Northwest island, wondering how to rebuild her life with her sixteen-year-old son Jeremy. Colin McGinty has also returned to the island. He spent summers there as a child, with his grandfather, the well known artist William McGinty. His grandfather has passed away and Colin must decide if he is going to keep the family home or sell it. Colin is still grieving for his wife, lost five years earlier on 9/11. After he turned to alcohol for comfort, he lost his job as a lawyer and many of his friends. Alice and Colin meet on the ferry ride to the island. They soon discover that William painted Eleanor, Alice's grandmother, when she was a young woman. Two strangers drawn together by fate soon realize their lives are connected.

With the help of friends and family, Alice opens a restaurant and soon finds some of the town has turned against her. Owen White, now the Mayor, wants Alice to disappear from his life. Jeremy has been accused of rape and Alice knows White is behind all her troubles. Colin steps in to support Alice and Jeremy with his legal aid. As Alice, Jeremy, and Colin all heal and grow from their heartaches, we see them learning to trust and depend on each other. Alice and Colin finally learn the truth concerning their grandparents. What could never be for Eleanor and William now becomes possible for Alice and Colin. Woman In Red is a beautiful story of family, and of love lost and found - a truly heartwarming read.

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