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Fat Girl
by Marilyn Sachs
Order:  USA  Can
Flux, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

To keep his high grade point average, Jeff Lyons needs to ditch his current Chemistry class and take something easier. The only class fitting that description is Ceramics. Jeff assures his high school advisor that he's always wanted to take Ceramics and this is his last chance before graduation.

The ceramics class turns out even better than Jeff expected. He meets a fantastic girl who wins his heart. Norma Jenkins is a ceramic geek and loves to share her knowledge with other interested students. Jeff is happy to have any reason to spend time with her.

The class also includes Ellen de Luca. Another ceramics novice, Ellen is clumsy and overweight. When she crashes Jeff's just finished tea pot, he is furious. He hates her cringing, apologetic attitude and he resents the time Norma spends patiently tutoring her.

In spite of his distaste, Jeff feels bad when Ellen overhears him tell others how hopeless her pots are and that he hopes she won't take Ceramics next semester. He does a complete turn-around to make up for his cruel comments and before he knows it she becomes a project for him.

When he realizes that Ellen hangs on his every word he begins to give her advice on her diet, clothes, hair, and even choosing a college. As Ellen changes into an independent, cheerful young teenager, Jeff isn't ready to let her go. Marilyn Sachs tells a deliciously dark story of the differences between love and control.

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