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Bobbi Brown Living Beauty
by Bobbi Brown
Order:  USA  Can
Springboard Press, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

In honor of her fiftieth birthday, make-up artist Bobbi Brown teamed up with Marie Clare Katigbak-Silick to write Bobbi Brown Living Beauty, a guide to aging gracefully (and mostly naturally) for Baby Boomers. She doesn't just stick to make-up either; included in these pages are tips for skincare, hair, clothing, diet, exercise, and fashion, and even a chapter that covers menopause and late-life pregnancies.

While the majority of the information in Bobbi Brown Living Beauty is aimed at forty- to sixty-somethings, its tips can help those of us who are younger to slow the aging process and live healthier lives. Plus, the few step-by-step make-up application techniques can help anyone who wears cosmetics but is not quite sure of the way to wear make-up most naturally. The chapter on diet and exercise also has universal appeal both men and women can glean useful information from it.

The part of the book that amazed me most, however, showed stunning before and after pictures. It is astounding how just a little bit of make-up, a new hairdo, or an updated wardrobe can make a woman look younger and healthier without being the least bit invasive. These photos are all nice and big and in full-color, making Bobbi Brown Living Beauty a good candidate for a coffee table book (although I am sure that most women would prefer to keep it in a more useful spot).

The one thing that disappointed me was the lack of make-up looks, which is what I look for most in a beauty book. However, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty is not geared towards my age group, so I cannot be too judgmental. In fact, I think it has everything expected - and more - for a beauty book for middle-aged women who do not want to feel their age.

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