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Death on the Family Tree: A Family Tree Mystery    by Patricia Sprinkle order for
Death on the Family Tree
by Patricia Sprinkle
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Katherine Murray's children are grown up and her husband travels frequently for his job, so she feels like no one needs her any more. She wants to find something to do with her life to make it interesting now that the kids are gone. When her Aunt Lucy dies and her personal effects are sent to Katherine's home, she discovers a diary written in German. She is determined to find out what it says, especially since she has discovered that Aunt Lucy had a brother she never talked about.

Along with the diary was a Celtic necklace which seems to fascinate everyone who sees it. Katherine doesn't hide the fact she has the necklace and her house is broken into twice, once while she is still in it. The diary is stolen but the necklace is kept safe. Katherine digs into her genealogy and finds a whole new part of her family tree she never knew about, including her Aunt Lucy's murdered brother, Carter. Since she received the box containing the necklace and the diary, two people have been murdered including the suspect of the break-in. Katherine needs to find out the diary's contents before she becomes the next victim.

Patricia Sprinkle creates a tale of suspense that has twists and turns the reader never expects. Katherine wakes up on her 46th birthday to discover that she is lonely and not needed by her family as she was when the kids were younger. She needs to find a new direction in her life and does so with a vengeance when Aunt Lucy dies and the box of family secrets lands on her doorstep. Death on the Family Tree is an energetic book that will keep readers absorbed right up until the surprising ending.

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