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How It's Done    by Christine Kole MacLean order for
How It's Done
by Christine Kole MacLean
Order:  USA  Can
Flux, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Eighteen-year-old Grace Passedge has grown up in a fundamentalist Christian family with a father who arrogantly quotes the bible to keep her in line and a timid mother who never disagrees with his edicts. Grace quietly rebels while not making waves.

Her friend Liv invites her to a local college seminar, where Grace meets a young professor and they secretly begin to date. Michael encourages her to look at her life choices and supports her decisions. When her father finds out about their involvement he threatens to have Michael fired from the university. Instead of them breaking up as he had intended, Michael asks Grace to marry him.

As they plan their wedding Grace begins to suspect that she is pregnant. She also realizes that she has little in common with Michael other than good sex. His expectations of her are as demanding as those of her father.

When her friend Liv deceives her and she meets someone closer to her age whom she would like to get to know, Grace is faced with some very adult decisions about her future.

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