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by Richard Hains
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Beaufort, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The mechanizations of Wall Street have always eluded me. Richard Hains' Chameleon has alleviated much of my confusion. The beginning of this very exciting and suspenseful first novel deals with financial maneuvering on a very large scale. Though I'm not sure I understood all of the twists and turns of the monetary world as outlined, I found them intriguing nonetheless.

Then we turn to the aftermath of a monumental transaction that would affect the fiscal community worldwide. This is where the action picks up at a tsunami acceleration. Jon Phillips, billed as a financial adventurer runs into unforeseen occurrences that necessitate his cool nerves and expertise to prevent disaster.

Phillips is a finely drawn character with all the flaws we humans have, but blessed with a drive to succeed and prosper. Settings in this exciting read are fleshed out especially the Australian scenes. The plot is an imaginative one but most likely one that can occur and possibly already has. Cheer up these dark days of winter with a glowing novel of intrigue, suspense, sex, pursuit, and financial dealings of massive proportions.

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