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LL Cool J's Platinum Workout    by LL Cool J & Dave Honig order for
LL Cool J's Platinum Workout
by LL Cool J
Order:  USA  Can
Rodale, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In his inspiring Preface, James Todd Smith tells readers he believes that what they want is a fitness book 'that's truthful, that's honest ... You want the raw.' Encouraging others to follow the workouts that he and his trainer Dave Honig developed and to make 'a paradigm shift', he quotes Benjamin Franklin, who said 'Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.' Throughout the book he emphasizes the need for discipline, which 'creates consistency, and consistency breeds success' in all life's endeavors.

The authors present five phases: The Bronze Body (a four week beginner's program to increase energy and lose inches); The Silver Body (a five week intermediate program for strength and endurance); The Gold Body (a nine week advanced program to build muscle and burn fat); The Platinum Body (a three week hard-core workout of weight and cardio supersets); and The Diamond Body (a four week shape-up program aimed at women, focusing on quads, hamstrings and glutes). Note that these programs require fitness machines - however free weight alternatives are also offered.

LL Cool J suggests starting with an extreme makeover in the kitchen for better nutrition, keeping a workout journal, eating six meals (small portions) and drinking eight glasses of water a day. Meal plans are laid out, with some recipes. There are clear explanations and color photographs throughout, showing proper grip on equipment, stretching and specific exercise techniques. LL Cool J's Platinum Workout is a very inspiring and engaging fitness book, that encourages readers to commit to self-transformation and shows them how to follow through.

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