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Lord of Seduction    by Paula Quinn order for
Lord of Seduction
by Paula Quinn
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

King William has decided that Lady Tanon Risande must marry Welsh prince Gareth ap Owain to help keep peace between Welsh and Norman lands. Tanon and Gareth had met when they were children but haven't seen each other in years. To Tanon he seems uncouth and lacking in manners. She is sad to leave her family but will do as she is requested, though she had hoped to marry for love.

Gareth finds Tanon every bit as enchanting as he did when they were children, but she is also a bit feisty as well. He is a warrior and ends up having to spar with her previous betrothed to win her as his wife. (She was originally promised to Gareth's brother Cedric, but when he was exiled and Gareth was thought to be dead, Tanon was promised to a man who picked on her as a child.)

The pair travel back to Gareth's lands, where his people love and admire him. Tanon is at first shocked by the style in which he lives, since she grew up with more wealth and finery. But she applies herself to the task of making her surroundings more comfortable, and soon the people fall in love with her as well. And while Gareth is a warrior first, he also wants to show Tanon that he can be capable of being a good husband.

This is a breathtaking story with characters you can't help but fall for. Tanon is sweet but feisty and keeps Gareth on his toes. Gareth is a mighty warrior who shows Tanon a gentle side no one else has seen. He is very tender with her first lovemaking and makes sure that she is as comfortable as possible in her new surroundings.

Paula Quinn crafts a story in which the details combine to make you feel as if you are there with her characters. I sighed over the gentleness of the hero and the charm of the heroine. Lord of Seduction is not to be missed.

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