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Beneath the Snow    by Caroline Carver order for
Beneath the Snow
by Caroline Carver
Order:  USA  Can
Orion, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Abby McCall lives in Oxford, England, and divides her time between her job as a landscape architect and caring for her mother Julia, a university professor who suffers from multiple sclerosis. Abby's been estranged from her scientist sister Lisa for years, ever since an incident when she visited Lisa in Lake's Edge, Alaska. Now Lisa has disappeared in the middle of a severe snowstorm, and Julia begs Abby to fly to Alaska and oversee the search for her sister.

Reluctantly, and to save her mother anxiety that might accelerate the progression of her disease, Abby complies. Lisa has been known to disappear on a whim before. But when she gets to Lake's Edge, she finds there is reason for serious concern. One of Lisa's dogs, Moke, had bitten through his harness and made his way back to town, injured from frostbite. Moke attaches himself to Abby. Then a body is found, of a woman who visited Lisa, and appears to have been shot in Lisa's home. Abby's sister is now under suspicion of murder.

Complicating Abby's life is the appearance on the scene of Cal, now an insurance investigator. It was their affair - and the fact that, unbeknownst to Abby, Cal was married to a friend of Lisa's - that caused the rift between the two sisters. Now Abby discovers all kinds of surprises about the past of the sister she thought she knew well - including that Lisa had accused a respected professor at her university of murder, and that her current project might revolutionize the world's use of energy - a secret that many would kill to own, or to suppress.

The author of Dead Heat and Blood Junction is always hard on her heroines and she keeps it up this time around. Abby is kidnapped, attacked by a bear, and must make her way alone through the Alaska wilderness and confront a killer, her sister's survival on a knife's edge. Ultimately, it requires every ounce of inner strength she can summon to survive. Beneath the Snow is an exciting page turner and Caroline Carver only gets better, book by book.

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