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Keeper of the Earth: Daughter of Destiny    by Jenna Solitaire order for
Keeper of the Earth
by Jenna Solitaire
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This is the fourth in the Daughter of Destiny series, starring nineteen-year-old Keeper of the Boards Jenna Solitaire. In the first three episodes, Jenna - accompanied by attractive priest guardian Simon Monk - acquired the Boards of Winds, Waters, and Flames, in a series of exciting adventures, in which evil sorceror Peraud stopped at nothing in his attempts to get possession of the Boards.

As this episode opens, Jenna contends not only with the voices of the Boards in her mind, but also with that of her ancestress, pressing her to complete the ritual of the dagger that will give Shalizander full access to her mind and body, and allow her to share her magical powers with the young woman she calls daughter. But Jenna is naturally reluctant to risk losing herself and distrusts the ruthless Shalizander. She also dreams of a mage named Emrys who advises her what to do next.

Jenna and Father Simon travel to the Vatican, and thence to the Highlands of Scotland, where Jenna faces a powerful spirit and acquires the key phoenix stone mentioned by Emrys. She learns that the Board of the Earth is to be found via a portal at Stonehenge and wins it with great difficulty, only to emerge to find herself and her friends surrounded by enemies, a force for evil called the Vatican Shadows.

As always, Jenna wins one battle only to face the next but, as this first thrilling quartet concludes, she wins the title of Keeper of the Elements. And, to tantalize fans, emails continue to hint at the mystery of what's happening with Tom and practicing witch Kristen (who seem to be at odds with each other). We'll just have to wait for Daughter of Destiny #5 to find out.

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