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Keeper of the Flames: Daughter of Destiny    by Jenna Solitaire order for
Keeper of the Flames
by Jenna Solitaire
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Keeper of the Flames follows Keeper of the Winds and Keeper of the Waters as the third in the Daughter of Destiny series. It stars nineteen-year-old Jenna Solitaire, accompanied by priest guardian Simon Monk, each fighting to resist a strong attraction to one another. In the first two episodes (in a time span of only a few weeks), Jenna discovered her destiny as Keeper of the Boards and found the Board of the Winds in her grandfather's attic. She recovered it from evil sorceror Peraud (who looks like Simon), traveled with Simon to Jerusalem, was rescued by Simon from an incubus, and found the Board of the Waters.

Now Jenna suffers from continual nightmares (in the latest she burns in an inferno), and is tormented by the voices of the two Boards in her head. She and Simon travel to Pompeii, 'a city of ghosts and ruins', seeking the Board of the Flames, and Jenna keeps in touch with her friend Tom (badly injured by Peraud) and his girlfriend Kristen electronically. She steadily learns more about the Boards, especially after she and Simon consult an old priest, Dario, who once loved her great-grandmother. Then Simon accepts an invitation to meet with Peraud and things begin to go awry. Jenna survives an encounter with spirits in Pompeii, and they promise protection. But she faces a hard decision - taking the Board of the Flames will cause large scale death and destruction. What should she do?

Amidst lies and betrayal, Jenna seeks to find and dominate the Board of the Flames, and to keep it from Peraud, while avoiding causing death and suffering to innocents, and also keeping Simon alive. She learns that she and Simon share a common paternal ancestor, an undying mage named Malkander, who is her ultimate foe. Jenna's also asked to make a hard choice by her ancestress, Shalizander, and the nightmares continue. It's an exciting series, with plenty of action and puzzles to keep readers' interest. Next is #4, Keeper of the Earth.

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