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Light My Fire: An Aisling Grey, Guardian Novel    by Katie MacAlister order for
Light My Fire
by Katie MacAlister
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Light My Fire is a fun and witty paranormal romance. The characters spring to life engaging the reader to cheer for the heroes and boo the villains, which makes for an entertaining and engrossing read. Aisling Grey was a normal woman until a couple of months before this episode opens (I assume that MacAlister's two previous Aisling Grey, Guardian novels took place during this period) when she inadvertently became a Guardian, a Demon Lord, and a Dragon's Mate. Still clueless as to what these roles entail, Aisling is trying to juggle her professional and personal life without getting into more trouble and obtaining even more titles.

Unfortunately, as Aisling points out numerous times in Light My Fire, things never work out for her the way she plans. The portals she is guarding are currently weakened, but her new mentor has been banned from tutoring novice Guardians. The dragon septs are getting restless and a member of her own sept has challenged her mate (with her as part of the prize). The princes of Abbadon are attempting to lure her to the dark side in order to gain votes in the upcoming race for ultimate power. The overseer of the French Otherworld needs to be replaced and Aisling is the favored candidate even though she has no desire to run. On top of all this, Aisling is constantly fighting for her life as dragon septs, demon lords, and vengeful imps want her dead for various reasons. With all this going on, she has no time to find out if everyone's suspicions are true about her being pregnant.

Aisling Grey is a lovable heroine and even though her life is completely chaotic, it's fun to share it with her. MacAlister has given Aisling a wonderful, somewhat dry sense of humor, that comes across strongly in the first person narration. Adding to the humor is Aisling's demon-dog Jim (demons seem to be neither male nor female) with its sarcastic quips and constant whining. Although Light My Fire is light reading, it is engaging and memorable. Also, the fact that it is a paranormal romance with lots of immortal characters but no undead ones, makes it refreshing and unique.

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