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Sunny Side Up    by Ginger Rodgers order for
Sunny Side Up
by Ginger Rodgers
Order:  USA  Can
DLSIJ Press, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Sunny Acres is just another Texas girl, who by her own admission is 'a magnet for trouble'. As the story opens she finds herself pulled into an unbelievable situation by a spiritual being who identifies himself as a Servant of God - her presence before him is required so that he can teach her about her destiny in the war against 'the coming evil'. After showing Sunny snippets of the End of Days where demons are poised to invade Earth in great numbers, he introduces her to a trio of soldiers chosen to complete the Armor of God quartet. Before he sends her back to her own reality, he bestows special powers upon her to help in the coming battle.

Four months later Sunny's mind and body are evolving in 'new and improved ways', but there's been neither hide nor hair of either invading demons or of the three mysterious colleagues promised to be joining her fight. Convinced that the whole thing is 'a load of crap', she decides to let off some steam with colleagues. But their night out turns into a nightmare when demons invade and set upon the unsuspecting masses watching a colorful parade. Sunny's battle to contain the demons and seal the rift between dimensions turns into a wild free for all that's captured by news crews and finally introduces her to Stone, Jack, and Daniel. It also a brings to her doorstep a powerful enemy who would see Sunny and the Armor of God destroyed before they've even started their quest to reverse the End of Days.

On the positive side, and despite the rather cute play on words in the title and the main protagonist's name, Sunny is a well realized character who knows her mind, speaks it, and would make a loyal friend - or a formidable enemy if you rub her the wrong way. The interplay between Sunny and Stone (as well as his comrades Daniel and Jack) is well done - but I found these guys, while all likeable, heroic and as dedicated as Sunny in following their new agenda, reminiscent of characters in too many other similar paranormals out there at the moment. Rodgers' plot is also rather cliché, with too many biblical overtones for my liking - which again, seems another plot device that's getting far too much airplay lately.

The book is well written though: the often humorous dialogue crackles and the frequent action sequences (with Sunny and the guys battling demons) are well done and nicely paced. Overall Sunny Side Up delivers a pleasant blend of paranormal action/adventure combined with a provocative romance between Sunny and Stone, and is fun reading.

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