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Lone Star Diary    by Darlene Graham order for
Lone Star Diary
by Darlene Graham
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

In Lone Star Diary, Frankie McBride (the eldest of the three McBride sisters) has finally left her husband and returned home to Texas. She's staying with her sister Robbie, who is pregnant and about to be married to her fiancÚ Zack. Soon Robbie has her hands full with three young boys and a baby, and welcomes Frankie's assistance with the kids. This helps fill a void left from the many miscarriages Frankie had while with her husband. At forty she knows the chances of having her own child are getting slimmer.

Texas Ranger Luke Driscoll has been in the picture for a while, trying to help out with a case connected with the death of Robbie's previous husband Danny. Luke wears a wedding band, and while Frankie has a crush on the law enforcement agent, she knows he's off limits. Luke too feels something more for the slightly insecure woman. The two embark on a friendship, Luke being very careful not to rush Frankie, who is still hurting from all that her husband did to her. But soon they are an item, and gossip spreads through town like wildfire. Frankie's mother is very embarrassed and chastises her for behaving like a trollop.

This third in the Baby Diaries trilogy brings resolution to the mystery behind Danny's murder. While this was not my favorite in the trilogy, the author does a good job tying up loose ends and bringing all the previous characters into play. I had a hard time focusing on the last half of the story, which dwelt on the mystery behind Danny's murder as well as the murder of several Mexicans who were crossing the border. I did, however, enjoy Frankie's story and her need to find self worth away from a cruel and discouraging mother. Frankie's involvement with her soon-to-be ex-husband was also exciting, holding my interest throughout.

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