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Witchling    by Yasmine Galenorn order for
by Yasmine Galenorn
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Fans of paranormal romance will devour Witchling. Fantasy and mystery fans can also find something to enjoy in this first book in Yasmine Galenorn's Sisters of the Moon series. Camille D'Artigo and her two younger sisters, Delilah and Menolly, are Earthside operatives for the Otherword Intelligence Agency, or OIA. The sisters were specifically chosen for the job since their half-human mother had taught her daughters the ways of Earth.

While they have not been idle why living Earthside, their biggest challenge is about to present itself: three demons have broken through from the demon world and are searching for the nine spirit seals that together can open up passageways into all three worlds. Camille and her sisters must find the owner of the first spirit seal before the demons do or all hell will literally break loose. Unfortunately, as the sisters are only half-Sidhe, their powers sometimes backfire, so they are going to need all the help they can get to destroy the three demons before one of them gets its hands on the spirit seal.

Galenorn has brought to life three lovable sisters who will keep readers enthralled and smiling through the whole book. Camille is a wonderful protagonist for this first novel as it's easy to relate to her, despite the fact that she's a witch (plus, the number of hot men after her is almost every woman's dream). Camille has her share of problems but she is smart and brave, which helps her overcome the worst of her magical mess-ups. She also has a good sense of humor which makes Witchling a blast to read. The other characters are also well-formed and likable (except for the bad guys, who are suitably detestable).

The story is also very enjoyable. The sisters have to hunt down the bad guys while finding the spirit seal and dealing with the men in their lives the perfect blend of mystery, fantasy, and romance. I am not one who will willingly sit down and read a romance novel, but the fantasy elements in Witchling were more than enough to make me forget that the spine of the books categorizes it as Paranormal Romance. Women who like a mix of fantasy, romance, and mystery and want a little light reading to curl up with this Fall should pick up Witchling it's well-worth the read.

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