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One More Time
by Claire Cross
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Matt Coxwell decides to leave his wife Leslie after losing an important court case. Though he is actually happy he lost the case, his wife feels differently. When Matt discovers his father has committed suicide over his disappointing loss, he looks up his old girlfriend Sharan in New Orleans, seeking her help. But he gets mugged - losing his wallet with all his cash and credit cards - before he meets with her. Sharan seems to want to pick up where they left off years ago, but Matt simply wants companionship and communication.

Leslie is shattered when Matt leaves her to cope with their teenage daughter, Annette, who is difficult - to say the least. Leslie works as a Medieval History Professor, a position that she hates more with every passing moment. She doesn't accept the demands that her boss has placed on faculty and defies him, knowing he will find out. Her job is in jeopardy and she has to pick up the pieces of her life, always hoping that Matt will return to her. To make matters worse, Leslie's mother-in-law moves into the house along with two poodles she inherited from a friend. Leslie's father-in-law stopped all payments on their apartment when he killed himself, knowing his wife would have to wait for some time for the settling of the estate.

Claire Cross has a winner in One More Time. Not only are parts truly hysterical but the story also offers great life lessons. The marriage hit a comfy part where Matt and Leslie stopped communicating. But in the time they were apart they learned interesting things about each other that had been hidden for some time. The characters are very well developed and you fall in love with Matt and Leslie right from the beginning. Their daughter is the typical teenager with a wise mouth but you find yourself giggling at some of the help that Leslie gives her. Matt's mother also has learning experiences while staying at the house. One More Time is a wonderful story that reels readers in right away.

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