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The Chase: A Hunt Country Suspense Novel    by Jan Neuharth order for
by Jan Neuharth
Order:  USA  Can
Paper Chase Farms, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Sally Selvadurai

Jan Neuharth's The Chase continues from her first book, The Hunt. But though the characters are well known to readers of the latter, this sequel can stand alone. Doug Cummings once again dominates the tale, but this time he is the target of a malicious killer rather than the murder suspect. Since we last met Doug (a tax lawyer), he has married Anne Sullivan, his criminal lawyer in Neuharth's first novel; they have adopted Anne's ward Samantha, and Anne is now eight months pregnant with their first child.

Doug Cummings suffers a horrendous accident while driving home with his prize Thoroughbred, Chancellor. While Doug is rushed to the local emergency department, Chancellor is rescued by the Equine Medical Center Horse Ambulance driver, with the help of a passing stranger, Jake Dawson.

As the novel unfolds, we learn that Doug's accident was no accident but who was responsible? The immediate suspect is Zeb McGraw, but everyone knows he's still languishing in jail for the previous crimes he committed against Doug. No one else comes to mind, but threats continue against Doug, Anne and Samantha. Jake takes on a part-time job at the stables where Anne's good friend Kendall Waters works. Kendall is gradually putting her life back together after a messy divorce and has agreed to take on the stable's annual children's Summer Camp. Jake and Kendall gradually forge a strong friendship, but is Jake involved in the plot against Doug? What is it that he's hiding from his past?

This story once again shows the lifestyles of the rich and horsey set in the beautiful countryside of Virginia. We are also introduced to people who did not grow up with the same privileges as our main characters; some have a mean and nasty streak, but others, although weak, show strong family loyalty.

Once again, Jan Neuharth has come up with a good summer read, a book that will appeal to all those with an interest in suspense novels and/or horse riding themes. Although the dialogue feels a little forced at times, this novel is an interesting read and once again the ending leaves an ideal opening for a subsequent book.

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