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How To Set His Thighs on Fire: 86 Red-Hot Lessons on Love, Life, Men and (Especially) Sex    by Kate White order for
How To Set His Thighs on Fire
by Kate White
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

Every month, women across North America turn to the ultimate source for advice on sex, men and relationships: Cosmopolitan magazine. In How to Set His Thighs On Fire: 86 Red-Hot Lessons on Love, Life, Men and (Especially) Sex, Kate White, Editor in Chief of the publication for eight years, shares what she's learned from being at the helm of such a popular magazine.

In her introduction, White tells us that her day-to-day responsibilities, be they 'dropping into a cover shoot, giving a luncheon for an author, or writing Cosmo coverlines - would be incredibly exhilarating regardless, but picking up all this information has been a terrific bonus.' The fact that she's willing to share all these wonderful insights is a terrific bonus for readers, too.

White uses a breezy, conversational style to impart a variety of life lessons. As expected from the title alone, most center on men. More specifically, they center on women's constant struggle to understand men. For example, lesson number 9 is titled 'Men Will Do Whatever It Takes to Get You Into Bed'. Sure, it sounds obvious, but it's a truth that merits repeating. In lesson 16, White warns us of '9 Topics That Make Guys Gag'. For the record, celebrity gossip and shoes top the list.

Other lessons center on self-esteem, and feeling good in your own skin. 'Owning Your Hotness', lesson 3, will resonate with women everywhere. 'Sexiness is first and foremost an attitude,' White tells us. 'It's a confidence, a belief in your own sexiness.' And if all else fails, lesson 36, 'How to Get Awesome Cleavage' should provide any woman with plenty of self-confidence.

I could continue to cite examples of White's tantalizing advice, but I firmly believe that How To Set His Thighs on Fire is the kind of book that every woman needs to read for herself. It's like having the best of each issue of Cosmopolitan right at your fingertips, and a knowledgeable friend to guide you as you peruse the secrets within. Packed cover-to-cover with insightful and entertaining information, this is one book that should grace every woman's nightstand.

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