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The Mangler of Malibu Canyon    by Jennifer Colt order for
Mangler of Malibu Canyon
by Jennifer Colt
Order:  USA  Can
Broadway, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

What a delightful pair of PIs - identical twins who flit from job to job on a pink Harley-Davidson motorcycle with matching helmets, red hair and flat chests. In this, the second of the series, it would appear they have met their joint matches. Their rich Aunt Reba claims she is guilty when her son Robert is accused of decapitating a young woman. He says he remembers nothing until he ended up at home with the woman's head in a net bag. Of course, he also pleads guilty to save his mother from the pokey.

This alone is enough of a plot, but the twins are just getting started doing what they do best - blundering around until the solution presents itself to them - when they are caught up in a blackmail scheme involving a dirty old lecher, and are fleeced of their own money by a cult from another galaxy. Kerry is rather levelheaded, at least until it involves her heart. Terry, on the other hand, is an ex-druggie, a lesbian, and she has an anger problem which does not bring out the best in Kerry. But they are each other's best buds besides being sisters.

The Mangler of Malibu Canyon is an absolute delight, fast-paced, loaded with action, a vein of humor that just won't quit, and a carefully juggled plot that shows the author's skill in pulling it all together. This is a great beach read for the hot summer looming ahead.

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