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Dogged Pursuit    by Lee Charles Kelley order for
Dogged Pursuit
by Lee Charles Kelley
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Top-of-the-line dog trainer and ex-police detective Jack Field has a few kinks to work out before his wedding to state medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter. Such as, what has become of teenager Jennifer (his kennel employee), who seems to have disappeared? And who on earth tied the body of a woman to an underwater post of a pier in the nearby lake? Could it possibly be the man with the binoculars on the other side of that Maine lake?

Why has Jen run away? Her mother and aunt were twin sisters, who died when Jen was a child. One was murdered and one committed suicide. Any connection? The suspense builds as Jack and Jamie try to solve this mystery on their own. They are hampered by ne'er-do-well Regis who fancies himself as a Detective Extraordinaire. The fun starts almost on the first page - if you can count numerous victims of a serial killer as in the fun category. There's action a-plenty, and lots of humor to keep the novel light and moving, although the murders are a pretty dark happening. The wedding scene is a great one - don't miss it.

Some great dog training tips are thrown in. Sounds like my granddaughter's chocolate lab Pypher could use a spell under Jack Field's care. The plot gets convoluted at times, but veteran writer Kelley pulls it back by invisible threads to make it work - and work well it does.

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