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French Kiss: Diary of a Crush Book 1    by Sarra Manning order for
French Kiss
by Sarra Manning
Order:  USA  Can
Puffin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Kerrily Sapet

Sixteen-year-old Edie Wheeler is facing her first day of college. She doesn't know anybody as her family recently moved across England. Life looks bleak until a moody, scruffy, older art boy moves into focus. Things begin to look up when Edie realizes he's in her photography class. Then she hears the bad news. His name is Dylan, of course, and everyone has a crush on him. No one can resist the hunky Dylan whose face is all planes, angles, cheekbones, and jawline - and he knows it.

Sarra Manning's Diary of a Crush: French Kiss begins with Edie huddling under the covers and ends completely differently as Edie is forced to stand up for herself. She navigates a tangle of relationships. As Edie writes, 'I love Dylan. Dylan loves Mia. Mia loves Paul. So does Shona.' Edie records the juicy details in her diary as she and Dylan move from eye contact to some serious snogging, or kissing. But things spin out of control when Edie's photography class goes on a field trip to Paris. Can she and Dylan stop bickering enough to truly get together or will Edie choose to stay with her boy-band type boyfriend who drives her crazy - and not in a good way?

Manning spins a fun story that is tough to put down. Edie's attitude and character dominates the pages. It's true teenaged drama of the best kind. In the end Edie finds she must decide what kind of relationship she wants for herself. French Kiss is a hilarious tale of love and coming of age. Look for Diary of a Crush: Kiss and Make Up for more of Edie and Dylan's adventures. The excerpt at the end of the book teases another amusing read as Edie discovers having a boyfriend isn't always easy - especially a boyfriend like Dylan who has some very specific dating rules.

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