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Queen of Babble
by Meg Cabot
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2006 (2006)
Hardcover, CD, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Kerrily Sapet

Lizzie Nichols has just graduated with a degree in the history of fashion, well almost graduated. She suddenly discovers she needs to write a thesis, but she can do that on vacation. She's off to England to meet up with her boyfriend Andrew for the summer. Convinced Andrew is her future husband, Lizzie suddenly has some doubts when she catches Andrew committing fashion faux pas, forgetting that she despises tomatoes, and worse still defrauding the government. Lizzie flees to visit her friend Shari, who is spending the summer in a French villa. On the train she meets devastatingly-handsome Jean-Luc, and things begin to get interesting.

Meg Cabot is a bestselling author and it's easy to tell why in her latest book, Queen of Babble. Lizzie has a big mouth and a big heart, but often these two things combined lead to big problems. It's easy for readers to love Lizzie's escapades as it turns out that Jean-Luc's father owns Château Mirac, where Lizzie and her friends are staying and working. Worse still, Jean-Luc's girlfriend Dominique is vicious, and fully aware that Lizzie has a major crush on her man. Can Lizzie make it through the summer, save the villa from Dominique's evil plans, avoid the clutches of her English boyfriend, and win the love of Jean-Luc? It's a lot to do in one summer, along with finishing your thesis and deciding where to live in the fall.

Cabot tells a hilarious story that will have you laughing out loud. Each chapter opens with entertaining portions of Lizzie's thesis, expounding on everything from togas to thong underwear. Lizzie's real voice makes the book difficult to put down. She's just that hoping-for-a-happy-ending kind of girl who's fun to love.

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