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Love is in the Heir    by Kathyrn Caskie order for
Love is in the Heir
by Kathyrn Caskie
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

This is the story of twins, who deceive a young woman into thinking they are one person. Griffin St. Albans is adjusting his telescope at sunset when he is hit by a falcon. Miss Hannah Chillton - raised by two sisters, Letitia and Viola Featherton - is out and about with her aunts when she loses her hat down the cliffs - she uses her bird to retrieve it. When Griffin hears a woman's voice calling out, he looks down and sees her clinging to the rocks, trying to retrieve a hat. Griffin attempts to help but only manages to lose the hat. Hannah proclaims that he now owes her a new one.

A few weeks later, the three women are out riding in their carriage, when they accidentally run into a man on the street - Lord St. Albans once again. Hannah asks him for her new hat, and St. Albans is puzzled. Realizing they must have met his brother, he feigns memory loss. The reader is aware all along that there are two of them - identical twins, who are not at all alike. Though Hannah likes the Lord St. Albans she met on the cliffs, she becomes confused as she gets to know him more. Sometimes he's the man she loves, but at others he infuriates her. The more she gets to know him, the more she thinks he's a rake, and the more confused and angry she becomes.

Hannah does not know that Griffin and Garnet are two men, and that the oldest of the pair is heir to the Earl of Devonsfield. Unfortunately, no one knows which of them is the first born son. The present Earl decides that the first of the twins to marry a suitable woman will become his heir, and that the entire ruse must be kept secret. No one is to know there are two of them, and that they are contending for the inheritance.

When Garnet St. Albans is run over by Hannah and her aunts, he is charmed by Hannah and sees an opportunity. He knows that his brother is already smitten. While Garnet pretends to help Griffin by assuming his twin's identity to win Hannah for him, Garnet has ulterior motives. Griffin, who never was a ladies' man like his brother, agrees reluctantly. One can guess the trouble that this subterfuge will bring, but who will end up the winner? And who will become the heir?

Love is in the Heir is a delightful, though sometimes predictable, romance with engaging characters. The two Featherton sisters are matchmakers, and Hannah follows in their footsteps - more than one couple is about to find love in this historical romance. The differences between the twins drive the plot, and while I was sometimes ready to throw the book across the room because I was frustrated for Griffin and Hannah, things do get straightened out at the end, satisfying the romance reader.

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