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The Marriage Spell    by Mary Jo Putney order for
Marriage Spell
by Mary Jo Putney
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

No one brings the Regency era alive like Mary Jo Putney and she does so again in The Marriage Spell. In the world she's created, magic is commonly practiced by all save those who live in the highest reaches of Society; they believe that sorcery is vulgar and common.

Jack Langdon, Lord Frayne, has elevated himself as one of the Duke of Wellington's most respected officers. Family honour means everything to him, but few know that Jack harbors a secret - he has a great talent for sorcery. His father was equally gifted but was taught to hate and shun his gift. So adamant was the elder Frayne about suppressing any hint of magic in his lineage that he sent his only son to Stonebridge Academy, a special military school where all students are encouraged (often forcibly) to repress their powers. But when Jack is seriously injured in a riding accident, sorcery may the only way to save him.

Abigail Barton comes from a long line of gifted wizards. Her specialty is healing and when Jack Langdon's friends come to her cottage begging her to help save their comrade's life, Abby agrees, but only if Lord Frayne marries her. Closer examination confirms that Abby simply doesn't have enough power to mend Jack's grievous injuries. She quickly summons a healing circle, and under her direction they perform a miracle. When Jack comes to his senses, he's shocked to discover that magic (including some of his own suppressed power) was used to save his life and equally stunned to learn he'll soon be a married man.

Though Abby offers Jack the chance to dissolve their engagement, he's honor bound to abide by the arrangement, even though he knows that marrying a wizard could ruin his family name. Soon the newlyweds discover a passion and a magical connection neither could have anticipated. But when they return to Jack's ancestral home, they discover a darker force has ensorcelled every living thing, including Jack's mother. Together Abby and Jack must face their greatest challenge, one that could cost them their lives.

Mary Jo Putney is a gifted historical writer whose skilled voice and lavish descriptions of the Regency era never disappoint. The alternative Regency world she's created in The Marriage Spell is a fascinating one that her many fans are sure to embrace with as much enthusiasm as they have her Guardian series. Jack and Abby are well-rounded and believable characters, particularly Abby whose strength and dedication to magic cannot be swayed, no matter that her new husband has been taught to shun his considerable gift. With the introduction of three of Jack's closest comrades (also students of the infamous Stonebridge Academy) Putney assures future installments in this magical new series.

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