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Pup Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Happy, Well-Trained Dog    by Lynn Lott, Jane Nelsen & Therry Jay order for
Pup Parenting
by Lynn Lott
Order:  USA  Can
Rodale, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Anise Hollingshead

Lynn Lott and Jane Nelsen have paired with animal behaviorist Therry Jay to pen a book on dog training, combining their parenting advice described in the Positive Discipline series with animal behavior techniques. The result is Pup Parenting, an approach to dog training that relies on an inclusive family approach, rather than just modifying annoying or destructive dog behaviors.

What type of doggie parent are you? Pup Parenting takes a few minutes in the first chapters to educate dog owners on exactly what type of owner they are, and how to best correct possible problems with their style of dog training. As expected, the primary focus is more of an authoritative approach, rather than authoritarian or permissive.

The book is grouped into chapters that are organized around the types of interactions between pets and their owners, depending on life stages and environmental influences. Behavior problems and solutions are detailed, but are incorporated into these topics, so aren't easily accessible by problems or discipline techniques.

Each chapter offers descriptions of common situations with pets and their owners - with several possible solutions to the problems, in the style of personal anecdotes of real pet owners. Several chapters also offer useful advice on what to do before getting a pet, and how to best research the type of dog that will best fit into the family's current lifestyle.

I found this book helpful and informative, especially since we just (unexpectedly) received a pup as a birthday present. While I didn't discover the correct method of dealing with surprise live presents from misguided friends, I did find practical advice on what to do with the puppy after the initial shock was over. However, while the book is engaging, the information isn't organized optimally. Though the chatty approach is highly readable, it's more practical to have the discipline and problems listed in a manner that allows readers to find them by topic, rather than incorporated into the book as a whole.

Pup Parenting is a good dog-training book that is entertaining as well as useful, but one that may be best paired with other dog training resources, as well.

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