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Mexican Days: Journeys into the Heart of Mexico    by Tony Cohan order for
Mexican Days
by Tony Cohan
Order:  USA  Can
Broadway, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Mexican Days is the newest of Tony Cohan's wonderful books on Mexico. If you were able to travel to the places he saw and do the things he did, you would be very lucky indeed. If not, do not fear. Sit back, pick up a copy of the book and immerse yourself in Mexico's diverse peoples, their culture and foods, their ruins, and the small villages off the beaten track that are the true heart of Mexico. Enjoy especially their arts.

Unfortunately for me, I am not familiar with many of the artists that the author either knows or knew of. I was never sure whether to be impressed or not. But I think Cohan just wanted to let his readers know that there are many artists who are still producing in the land south of the U.S. border.

Cohan's take on his travels is one of uncertainty. He's never quite sure that what he does and where he goes is right for him. But the urge is there and he heads out - luckily for us. And we're doubly lucky that he can translate his delight and wonder at Mexico into such glorious words.

He has a knack for gently placing his readers in the scene he so poignantly describes. You can close your eyes and listen. In the distance you can hear the sounds of a small village on market day. What's that smell? Possibly the scent of carne cooking. You can almost feel the rough coat of a donkey as it pushes by you. And hear the screech of wild parrots in the trees surrounding the village.

In Mexican Days: Journeys into the Heart of Mexico, Tony Cohan depicts the Mexican people as gentle and caring and very hospitable, and the place as just where you want to head for that next vacation.

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