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Looking for Mr. Goodfrog    by Laurie Graff order for
Looking for Mr. Goodfrog
by Laurie Graff
Order:  USA  Can
Red Dress Ink, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Forty-something, NY aspiring actress Karrie Kline (changed from Klein), stars in the sequel to You Have To Kiss A lot of Frogs. Karrie's theory is relatively simple she may have to kiss a few frogs in order to find her prince, and this is exactly what she does the second time around in Looking for Mr. Goodfrog. At this point, Karrie is not finicky. She is tired of weddings where she is either a bridesmaid or does not have a date.

Karrie's friends try to console her, particularly her gay male friend, Fred, who is outrageously funny and tends to put a smile on Karrie's face when she is down. In addition to Fred, the only male in Karrie's life is her pet dog, Charlie. So, Karrie is still out there playing the field so to speak, and she goes on several dates throughout the novel. She even delves into Internet Dating, and while she receives many initial responses, she has no luck finding a good man - just frogs.

The other passion in Karrie's life is acting and she tends to make just enough money to support herself when she is between jobs. Things are quiet on the acting front until Karrie creates a one-person show titled Frogaphobia, which memorializes her failed attempts in the dating scene. However, as in You Have To Kiss A Lot of Frogs, Karrie's dates take up most of the text in Looking for Mr. Goodfrog. Karrie is a bit more shrewd and astute now, after years of unsuccessful dating. Several men she dated in the past are fleshed out and the book moves back and forth in time, detailing mishaps and breakups.

The story has its funny moments portraying the wacky men that Karrie dates, and the reader wonders if she will ever find her prince. Though I enjoyed Graff's first novel more than this sequel (which could have been shorter) it was still an enjoyable read. As the ending nears, Frogaphobia and a blast from the past inject hope into Karrie's acting career and her love life. I recommend reading You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs in order to fully enjoy this sequel. Karrie is a great narrator and a good person, and readers will be interested to see where life takes her in Looking for Mr. Goodfrog.

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