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Back to Eden    by Melinda Curtis order for
Back to Eden
by Melinda Curtis
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

For those who have read Expectant Father, Back to Eden returns to the group of fire-fighting Hot Shots who spend months out of the year taking out huge blazes in Montana and neighboring states, risking their lives every day. Cole Hudson is one of them. While on duty, he rescues a woman, Rachel Quinlan. She was piloting a plane that was helping put out the fires, but it crashed. Her partner Danny dies, but Rachel survives in critical condition.

Rachel also happens to be Cole's childhood friend. She's the younger sister of his first and only love, his high school sweetheart Missy Quinlan. Missy married the mayor's son despite her love for Cole. What Cole doesn't know is that the one night stand he and Missy shared just before her wedding to Lyle resulted in a daughter, Jenna. Missy died in a car accident five years before the story starts, and Rachel has kept the secret of Jenna's paternity. Another secret Rachel's been keeping is that she had a childhood crush on Cole which never went away. So when Cole offers to take care of her while she recuperates, Rachel panics.

There's a lot of emotional drama in this story, with Cole trying to get over his love for Missy, and Rachel trying to get over her love for Cole. Rachel now must deal with a new fear of flying. And there is another secret fear she has been hiding from the world, one even her father does not know about. Rachel's plate is pretty full, having to support her niece and nephew as well as her aging father. She doesn't want to depend on Cole, and she also knows she has to tell him about Jenna eventually. I really enjoyed Back to Eden (much more than the previous book in the series) and recommend it to those who enjoy their romances filled with emotional drama.

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