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Landon Snow And the Auctor's Riddle    by R. K. Mortenson order for
Landon Snow And the Auctor's Riddle
by R. K. Mortenson
Order:  USA  Can
Barbour, 2005 (2005)

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* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Landon Snow looks forward to the trip to visit his grandparents in Button Up, Minnesota. His Grandpa Karl always takes them to visit the Button Up Library (known as the BUL), which is the oldest and largest privately funded library in the state. Grandpa Karl tells Landon and his family the legend of Bartholomew G. Benneford, the man who acquired all of the books in the library, and the mysterious way he led his life.

Landon heads to bed with his mind full of stories, excited to visit the BUL in the morning. But late that night, Grandpa Karl is injured in an accident and Landon's dad takes him to the hospital. Landon is frustrated and can't understand why the accident happened - does God really exist? And if God is real, does he care about the little things, or is everything an accident? Suddenly, a big bookcase in the room where Landon is sleeping opens up and reveals a passage. Curious, Landon follows the tunnel and finds himself in the Button Up Library.

His journey begins with a riddle he finds in the library. And an even bigger adventure awaits Landon - in which he travels into a magical land filled with strange creatures, talking horses, and mysterious events. Will Landon be able to solve the riddle, or will he be stuck in this world forever?

Landon Snow And the Auctor's Riddle begins a fantastic new series about a young boy seeking answers to life's tough questions. For readers who are looking for a fantasy book with a Christian worldview, Landon and his pals are sure to satisfy. But the faith message doesn't overshadow the story's magical adventures, which will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy.

Landon is an endearing and curious character, thrown into a land that offers more puzzles than answers for him. The friends he meets along the way - a talking horse named Melech, interesting creatures called Odds, and a helpful girl named Ditty - assist him in solving the mystery posed by the riddle - is life just based on circumstance, or is there a bigger picture? The creative and clever ways the author answers this question are sure to entertain and enlighten readers.

If you're looking for a fantasy adventure that is a little out of the ordinary and incorporates a Christian message, then pick up Landon Snow And the Auctor's Riddle. And be on the lookout for book two of the series, Landon Snow And the Shadows of Malus Quidam, in which Landon's sister Holly succumbs to an evil force in the land of the Odds.

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