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The Power Of The Actor: The Chubbuck Technique    by Ivana Chubbuck order for
Power Of The Actor
by Ivana Chubbuck
Order:  USA  Can
Penguin, 2005 (2004)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Read Ivana Chubbuck's The Power Of The Actor before you go to your next audition. Keep a copy by your side, when breaking down your sides, film or TV script, or theatrical play, and have at your finger tips the invaluable acting knowledge and script analysis techniques of Ivana Chubbuck, coach extraordinaire to the stars.

This is the best book yet on script analysis for the budding actor and professional. It gives valuable advice as an acting coach would, and offers insightful psychological insights into human behavior as well. I have personally taken workshops that offer Ivana Chubbuck's technique, and find the book an invaluable addition to such lessons. Ivana Chubbuck's acting classes are consistently filled up by professionals in the industry - if you haven't yet been able to take one of her classes, I recommend you start by reading and using her book, as a guide to breaking down your scenes and refining your acting technique.

In The Power Of The Actor, Ivana Chubbuck shares her coaching sessions with celebrities. She discusses her session with Halle Berry on breaking down her script and guiding her towards her Academy Award winning performance in Monster's Ball. The experiences of successful stars such as Jessica Biel, Eriq LaSalle, and Elisabeth Shue are shared within these fascinating pages, so that readers can learn what it took for them to reach those interesting performances. The acting tools offered in this book work in all mediums - use them in breaking down and digging deep for memorable and exciting performances, whether you do films, television ot theatre.

Try it for yourself, but you must do your homework and apply what is asked for in these pages. I applied the book's knowledge and useful tips when coaching a child actor. Among many kids auditioning, and in her first audition, after being coached using this technique, she was chosen for a theatrical production she wanted. The Power Of The Actor does work! Apply it, and be guided by its perspectives on the truth behind the power of an actor. It's all in the tools and applying the right choices for you, that will bring out the most specific, detailed and in depth performance, one sure to be remembered.

From finding the Overall Objective, to Substitution, Obstacles, Beats and Actions, find out what to work on before a performance. Ivana Chubbuck reveals experiences from award winning actors and celebrities - how they achieved performances we still remember to this day. Get hold of a copy of this book before you go to your next audition. Read it and diligently apply the tips and tools to achieve a performance you never thought you had in you. It's practical, precise and powerful advice. As Eva Mendez says, 'this is my bible, I don't leave home without it.' Live a role as you never thought possible. Ivana Chubbuck's Technique will truly empower you as an actor.

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