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Nova and the Charmed Three: Star Sisterz 5    by Tea Emesse order for
Nova and the Charmed Three
by Tea Emesse
Order:  USA  Can
Mirrorstone, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

I was glad to see this fun series, Star Sisterz, continuing after the initial quartet, each book covering a different girl - Nova, Carmen, Bella, and Rani. This fifth episode, Nova and The Charmed Three, returns to feature the first Star Sister with a new dare.

At the end of Nova Rocks!, Nova Darling's life had changed drastically - she gave up ballet, began learning to play the guitar, and started high school. Nova felt that taking guitar lessons from the boy of her dreams, Joe Tsai, was the ultimate - that is until one day he asks her to join his garage band, soon to be named The Charmed Three. Though still a beginner, Nova is completely psyched, but the opposite is true of the band's drummer, Ivy. Right from the start, Ivy is harsh, insulting, and just plain rude to Nova. Also, Nova discovers that Joe and Ivy spend more time alone together than she likes. As Nova's jealousy rises, Ivy and Nova come to blows and almost break up the band, possibly throwing away their dreams of winning the upcoming Band Idol competition.

It's easy for teen girls to relate to Nova: she's easily embarrassed by her mom, misses the sister whom she hated until she left for college, and becomes completely paranoid when she thinks her crush likes someone else. The way she handles her jealousy of Ivy is so typical that the reader will find themselves nodding along to her course of action because it is what they might have done in the same situation. Tea Emesse creates such a wonderful, realistic character in Nova that readers will feel like they have a new friend. This feeling is furthered by the intimacy of Nova's narrating the story - complete with a few tangents and random thoughts that have probably crossed everyone's mind, such as saying a word over and over until it sound funny.

In order to understand Nova and The Charmed Three, Nova Rocks! needs to be read first (and if you have read the latter, you will definitely want to read this sequel). However, books two through four are not required prior reading because these tales are not inter-related. Readers do not need to follow all four girls - they can pick the one they like most and just follow her story. I am not sure which of the four is my favorite (although I have not read Rani and the Fashion Divas) but Nova is such a fun, well-rounded characters that I can't wait to see what her next dare is!

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