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Jenny’s Legacy    by Cassandra Barnes order for
Jenny’s Legacy
by Cassandra Barnes
Order:  USA  Can
Five Star, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Nothing Kyle Cordell could say or do stopped his younger sister Jenny from falling under the spell of a charismatic cult leader. When violence erupts at the camp and Jenny dies in the crossfire, Kyle is heartbroken. His guilt is only exacerbated by his father, who holds Kyle personally responsible for Jenny's senseless death. Adam Cordell's hatred of all things psychic runs so deep that he founds The Family Foundation Against Mind Control.

Gaelynn Graham is confronted by many obstacles in her life, not the least of which is prejudice about her gift of clairvoyance. She and her partner Cassandra have recently opened a business called Mind Works. They hope to change attitudes about their gifts via workshops and counseling. But it seems that Adam Cordell will do anything to shut them down, including threatening Gaelynn's aging parents and her new business. She looks to Kyle for help, but he is just as closed-minded as his father, even more so after he discovers that Gaelynn has been counseling his young son. She's helping him come to terms with his newly discovered ability to foresee the future. He's upset that he hadn't been able to warn victims of a recent school shooting. Can both families overcome a legacy of fear and hate, and forge new bonds of love and understanding before the situation tears them all apart?

Barnes tells a competent tale about how prejudice and misinformation can ruin lives. She presents pleasing characters whose family and emotional situations offset her theme nicely. Though I did find the dialogue stilted at times, and Kyle's change of heart about psychic talents happens a little too late to be convincing, overall Jenny's Legacy is an enjoyable story.

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