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Magnetic Service: Secrets of Creating Passionately Devoted Customers    by Chip R. Bell & Bilijack R. Bell order for
Magnetic Service
by Chip R. Bell
Order:  USA  Can
Berrett-Koehler, 2006 (2003)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

In this day and age, when business ethics are questionable in some companies as we have seen in the media, Magnetic Service encourages business owners to learn from successful companies whose integrity and professional conduct inspire devotion from their customers.

Learn how companies like Starbucks and Harley-Davidson, and hotel chains such as Ritz-Carlton Hotels, have forged a connection with their customers through magnetic service, and learn valuable secrets to winning customer loyalty. Interviews with managers and employees - as well as devoted customers - of well-known brands such as Victoria's Secret, General Electric, and Sears give valuable business insights and guidance towards business success. The authors tell us 'It's all about an experience,' and that companies can do a lot, 'to influence the experience the customer has with your organization.'

Seven Secrets Of Magnetic Service are shared in these informative pages, along with Questionnaires. Find out better ways 'to exchange value for value.' Tips on how to add value to customer service will jump start a new organization or enrich an existing company. It is not only about 'competence,credibility, and trust', but about connecting with others as a vital part of developing customer devotion - 'A simple gesture says I care.' Insights include: 'The concept of serving a customer, by definition carries a connotation of making a contribution and offering a gift'; and 'Magnetic service is electrifying. It interacts with customers in a way that conveys excitement, releases passion, and invites customer energy into the relationship.'

This is an invaluable book for business owners, employees and start up companies. It offers authentic ways of contributing to customer service and increased customer satisfaction, that leads to customer devotion. Employees are guided towards contributing through magnetic service. Thoughtful quotes and questions encourage readers to apply tried and true methods of improving the business by incorporating these tips into the working day, and thus contributing to the overall customer loyalty created by all within the organization.

Magnetic Service is a highly recommended read for those wanting to improve customer service and turn customers into devoted fans. It's also a great book to encourage employees to be excited about working with you, and to help build a magnetic team, that will lead to an increased customer base. Learn from successful companies who have applied these principles, to create customer loyalty on an emotional level, and watch your sales, the quality of your business and the quality of your life soar.

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