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Fatal Burn
by Lisa Jackson
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

Fatal Burn is the sequel to Jackson's Deep Freeze, and like its predecessor, it opens with a heart-stopping bang and manages to keep that momentum until the final pages.

Thirteen years ago, Shannon Flannery gave her only daughter up for adoption. She still believes her decision was the right one, especially since the baby's father was less than thrilled with the prospect of becoming a parent, but she'll always miss the child she'll never have a chance to raise. When her daughter's adoptive father shows up just as her barn is being torched and Shannon is attacked by an unidentified assailant, she's justifiably shaken. Her discomfort takes on a whole new level when she realizes that former Special Forces agent Travis Settler isn't there by chance. He believes she may have something to do with his daughter's disappearance.

Days earlier, Shannon had another unpleasant surprise when she found a copy of her daughter's birth certificate scorched around the edges and left on her front porch. Someone is clearly interested in making sure Shannon is terrified, and his methods bring up terrible memories of the past. When things take a turn for the worst and a deranged murderer makes his intentions clear, Shannon and Travis will have to work together to find their daughter. But can they find the killer before he strikes again?

Lisa Jackson is undisputedly the Queen of romantic suspense. She has a unique ability to seamlessly blend together suspense, romance and dramatic elements, making each book a truly captivating read. Underlying every character's actions is the prevalent sense of fear present in every page, a very real dramatic tension that imbues the storytelling with a level of eerie intensity. The emotional bond that Shannon and Travis share because of a child they both love only helps heighten the terror they feel at the prospect of losing her.

Unlike in many other romantic suspense novels, the killer's identity remains a well-hidden mystery until the end, although clues are sprinkled throughout for the observant reader. In this latest chilling offering, Jackson has created a suspenseful novel sure to please old fans and attract new readers to her satisfying brand of romantic suspense.

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