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A Man She Can Trust    by Roxanne Rustand order for
Man She Can Trust
by Roxanne Rustand
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

Jill and Grant are having a lot of problems with their marriage. In the prologue, Jill notices that her husband is late once again from work, and thinks she knows why. Earlier she had gone to Grant's office (he's a lawyer) where she heard Grant and a female client behind closed doors. She decided that the rumors floating around town were true and returned home angry. Aside from rumors of infidelity, the two argue over their careers and the little time they spend with each other, the problems Jill has had getting pregnant, and even the house Jill wanted to buy, an old Victorian rumored to be haunted.

Many months later, Jill and Grant are separated. Grant's father Warren, also a lawyer, is in hospital and Jill, who is a doctor, is checking up on him. Warren feels the separation was a mistake, but Jill does not see any reason why she and Grant should remain married. And she believes that the other woman is still in Grant's life. Grant, who moved away after the separation, has returned to town to take care of his father's law practice. Though Grant is too close for comfort, Jill may soon be glad he's back, because strange things are beginning to happen that appear to threaten her safety, if not her life. If that weren't enough, Jill swears she feels a presence in the house when no one else is there.

I enjoyed A Man She Can Trust. It's well-written, with secondary characters who hold their own. Jill's co-worker Grace, a nurse who is about to retire, has her own absorbing story when her troubled nephew Ross comes to live with her, and even the dog (Sadie) that Grant dumps on Jill is a welcome character.

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