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The 100 Greatest Sales Tips of All Time    by Leslie Pockell & Adrienne Avila order for
100 Greatest Sales Tips of All Time
by Leslie Pockell
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Leslie Pockell and Adrienne Avila have gathered some of the best quotations of sales tips in their latest book. In the Introduction, they tell us that 'millions of words have been written to help people to sell better ... a few words stand out for clarity, specificity, and general application', commenting that selling is simply one of many forms of persuasion.

The book is divided into four sections. There's Motivation, which I remember as controversial in management classes, i.e. do others motivate us or do we motivate ourselves from within? Next comes Preparation via 'study, practice, and a mastery of techniques'. The largest section addresses Presenting, with advice from 'philosophy, psychology, and basic principles'. The last is the follow-up procedure, i.e. Service, without which the customer's trust is lost.

Words of wisdom are quoted from legendary figures in the world of yesteryear and today, including Og Mandino, Ovid, Dale Carnegie, Lydia Ramsay, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Mark Twain, and there are also proverbs from varied cultures. I found Dorothy Sarnoff's words wise - 'Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.' And Victoria Gallegos speaks volumes when she says 'You never give less attention to the female than to the man. Just because she's not buying doesn't mean she can't break the sale.'

Aristotle said, 'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.' And from Confucius, 'Find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.' In my opinion, L. L. Bean follow through on their mission statement - 'Sell practical, tested merchandise at a reasonable price, treat your customers like human beings - and they will always come back.'

Give this small, carry-anywhere book as a gift or keep a copy for yourself, for inspiration. As the editors tell us, the advice in 100 Greatest Sales Tips of All Time applies not just for selling a product, but 'to living a useful and successful life'.

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