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Calorie Queens: Living Thin in a Fat World    by Jackie Scott, Diane Scott Kellum & Brett A. Scott order for
Calorie Queens
by Jackie Scott
Order:  USA  Can
Center Street, 2005 (2005)

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* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

With the myriad of diet books on the market today, what makes one method superior to another? After trying multiple diets, Jackie Scott and her daughter Diane discovered a principle called Eucalorics. This system is based on the fact that a certain calorie level sustains a certain weight. So these women decided to follow the calorie level for their goal weight, rather than a starvation calorie level. And what they discovered was phenomenal - it actually works! Coupled with exercise, this way of eating is not even a diet, it's a lifestyle change. Once you determine the calorie level needed for your goal weight, if you stay within that range, eventually you will get down to that weight. How easy is that?

The book discusses this principle in depth, as well as giving tools for readers to figure out the appropriate calorie level for themselves. It is eye-opening to see that current diet calorie levels (between 1000-1200 normally) are only enough to sustain around 80 pounds. No wonder people following these types of diets are always hungry and give up quickly. The main point of the book is that most people who need to lose weight are taking in considerably more calories than they need. The other thing that makes this book stand head and shoulders above other weight loss volumes is that it includes 28 days of menus and recipes. The recipes are realistic, sound delicious, and are normal enough for the entire family to eat. For example, there are recipes for barbecue chicken, cheddar and chive mashed potatoes, bean burritos, meatloaf, chicken and French onion risotto, lemon flounder, chili mac, garlic and pepper pork loin, and chocolate chip muffins.

After the holidays, when everyone is ready to begin eating more healthy foods and portions, and hoping for weight loss in the process, use Calorie Queens to introduce an excellent lifestyle change that will spur the whole family on to better eating habits.

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