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I Shaved My Legs for This?!    by Lisa Plumley & et al order for
I Shaved My Legs for This?!
by Lisa Plumley
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2006 (2006)

* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Four of today's well-known contemporary romance authors team up in this breezy and often amusing chick lit anthology that takes a look at the 'trauma of the blind date ... it's like being trapped in a bad, four-hour movie…like going for a massage and getting a bikini wax instead. How many frogs can a woman kiss before a non-slimy prince comes along?' Kick back and follow these lively women as they talk about their dating woes.

Theresa Alan's Love is Blind (Or At Least Near-Sighted) follows Heather's numerous dating trials and tribulations. She can't help it if she compares every man to her first love - including her latest blind date Craig. Their night at the fair turns into a fiasco when he picks up another woman halfway through their date! Heather's more than ticked off and not in the mood to travel to Wisconsin for a wedding - that is until she meets John, who might just be the man of her dreams. In Cleo Barnes: Worst Blind Date Ever by Holly Chamberlin, Cleo has turned into a full-fledged man hater since dumping her lying cheat of a boyfriend. She wants to move on, but within minutes of meeting a new man, her raging, mistrustful inner beast jumps to all sorts of negative conclusions. She doesn't give any of them the tiniest break, so who can blame her blinds dates if they run screaming for the hills!

In Marcia Evanick's Love is Like a Box of Chocolates, Judith Howland is the 'queen of disastrous blind dates'. How many more losers can she put up with? Obviously all the good men are taken and there's no point to sampling the rest of the leftovers. But wait, there might just be one more temptation that she finds pretty hard to resist! And finally, Just Jennifer by Lisa Plumley - since Jennifer has 'lousy radar when it comes to men', she comes up with a brand new plan to find the perfect mate, one she's sure will finally bring positive results - thirty dates in thirty days! And here's the catch - she's letting her friends pick her blind dates and she'll dress and act accordingly. Jennifer's going to be a busy girl indeed. But when her best friend's brother, Gavin, finds out what Jennifer's up to, he decides it's high time to announce his true feelings - that he's always liked Jennifer just the way she is.

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