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Texas Christmas Grooms    by Vickie McDonough & Pamela Griffin order for
Texas Christmas Grooms
by Vickie McDonough
Order:  USA  Can
Barbour, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Texas Christmas Grooms is a companion to Texas Christmas Brides. Each book offers two stories about finding love in a small Texas town during the Christmas season. The premise - that four ex-Texas Rangers have become matchmakers of sorts, and have been attempting to marry off all of the single people in town - leads to some comical results.

Vickie McDonough's Unexpected Blessings is set in December 1880. Anna Campbell left her small hometown for Dallas, never planning to return to small town living. She has been happily working as a nanny and striving for a career as a professional pianist. When her employers are suddenly killed, she is heartbroken to have to take their young children, Mark and Molly, to Cut Corners, Texas to live with their Uncle Erik. On arrival, she's dismayed to discover that Erik doesn't accept that the children are related to him, believing his brother to have died many years before. Can Annie convince Erik to care for the children?

In A Christmas Chronicle by Pamela Griffin, Vivian Sager has given up on ever finding a man to marry. Her clumsiness drives everyone away. Travis McCoy is a photographer traveling the country and chronicling its beauty. When he comes to visit his uncle in Cut Corners, he is taken by Vivian, who finds him interesting as well as attractive. Can the two find common ground?

These two tales are sweet and touching. The characters come alive and the small-town setting sparkles. I would have liked to have seen all four stories (from Texas Christmas Brides and Texas Christmas Grooms) in one book, as it seems strange to have them separated like this. However, Texas Christmas Grooms is heartwarming and the perfect beginning to getting into the holiday spirit.

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