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Q & A with Point of Grace: faith, family, friends, dating, and more    edited by Beth Lueders order for
Q & A with Point of Grace
by Beth Lueders
Order:  USA  Can
Howard, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Anise Hollingshead

The well-known singing group Point of Grace is comprised of four friends, three of whom are the original members. They began singing together in college, and have been an enormously popular Contemporary Christian music group over the last several years. Their goal is not so much to entertain, but rather to demonstrate Christ to others. As part of this mission, they take time to participate in yearly conferences targeted toward teenage girls. Q & A with Point of Grace is inspired by real questions asked by real girls at these conferences, and the answers are based on biblical principles, tempered by the singers' personal experiences. Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries also contributes to the answers sections.

There are some really good questions here about issues ranging from oral sex to whether a Christian can be sad sometimes. The answers are sensitively given, but are direct and truthful, as when the singers answer that oral sex is still sex and that people can get sexually transmitted diseases from participating. Other topics include dating, faith, and personal questions directed to the Point of Grace members. The questions and answers are interesting and informative, and (without being condescending) in language that teens can easily understand. They are biblically based from a Christian perspective. Teens and their parents can use this book as a good jumping off point for honest discussions about many issues that young women want to ask about, but may be embarrassed or afraid to discuss with their parents.

While this is a good collection of relevant questions, the book itself is pretty short and the answers are that, just answers; there is no in-depth coverage of selected subjects. Also, a whole section is given to questions and answers about the women of Point of Grace, which doesn't have all that much to do with teen issues. At the same time, it does present good role models of women who are successful mothers and wives with careers, and who are faithful to Christ. Parents and their daughters may want to look at this book, and use it to generate honest discussions.

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