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Year and a Day
by Inglath Cooper
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

A Year and a Day is an intense story of a woman in an abusive relationship. On the outside is what seems to be an average couple, the husband a successful businessman. But, looking closer, there's something in the woman's eyes, a bruise on her neck that shouldn't be there. She's introverted, but no one realizes why. She's married to a monster, someone she once loved but did not understand. If she had observed her future mother-in-law closely, she might have noticed someone living the life that would soon be hers, too.

Audrey loves her son, the only good thing to come of her marriage to handsome Jonathan Colby, a man she first met while working as a servant in his parents' huge home. Many years later, Audrey is not sure how to get out of the mess that is her marriage. She's beaten almost daily for things that are of little consequence to the average person. She lives in fear for her life and for her son Sammy, who sometimes sees her being beaten, and has never felt loved by his own father. In walks Nicholas Wakefield, a man with a ghost in his past, that of his deceased sister. He blames himself for her death and subconsciously tries make up for it. He became a prosecutor but gave up, thinking he could never make a difference. Worn out, he takes on a job for a huge law firm, whose client is Jonathan Colby. Nicholas and Audrey meet at a party held by his new boss, and Nicholas notices immediately that there's something not right about Audrey. He decides to find out what it is, despite the fact that she's married and he has no business getting into her business.

A Year and a Day gets into the meat of both Audrey's and Nicholas' lives, in such a way that the reader gets a good grasp of the major events that made them what they are today. Telling their stories in flashbacks and returning to the present day, Cooper delivers a gripping story that brings together two people who might never have met in other circumstances. It is awful to know that there are monsters like Jonathan Colby in this world, and women like Audrey. Thank god for men like Nicholas Wakefield.

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